SBSD’s Cloud Transformation

SBSD’s Cloud Transformation

The Commonwealth of Virginia is transforming the infrastructure and they way they serve the citizen’s of Virginia.    The Small Business and Supplier Diversity (SBSD) agency is one of the agencies leading that transformation.

Tracey Wiley, the agency director, has called the digital transformation a “Fantastic JOB”.   “I am quite pleased with all of the progress.  The functionality and the content is presented on the website in a clean and creative way.”

The transformation of the website only provides a digital representation of the organization change the Ms. Wiley and her Chief of Staff Jennifer Mayton are leading at SBSD.  “The new image” of agency is represented by our website.  “The timing while long awaited is still perfect!”

Brilliant Blaze, along with our partners at IBM, Coda Global and Triad Technology Partners have been working with SBSD leadership.  We have transformed their digital presence, optimized their processes and lead their cloud transformation.   The relaunch of the website was the first visible step in the process.  It will be followed closely by other transformative changes all of which are focused on insuring that SBSD can better serve the citizens of Virginia.

The primary objectives of the site redesign efforts were focused on aesthetics, simplifying content and increasing the visibility to SBSD programs.  The new design also allows for streamlined menus, clear navigation a responsive layout for all platforms.  The site focuses on SBSD customers, especially business owners and commonwealth buying agents.  Their experience on the website will be vastly improved.

In addition to the changed design an layout of the pages, new functions have been implemented in this version:

  • Calls to Action – Easy navigation to the key item clients want to accomplish on the site.
  • Events – The new website will include key educational and business development events in the Commonwealth, especially those lead by SBSD staff
  • What’s Hot – Easy access to key SBSD content such as the Expenditure Dashboard, SWAM, DBE, Micro and ESO directories, important forms, Business One Stop, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Testimonials – Business owners and others detailing how the SBSD team helped them grow their business in the Commonwealth.

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