BrilliantBlaze Founder nominated as SVTC Entrepreneur of the Year

BrilliantBlaze Founder nominated as SVTC Entrepreneur of the Year

The High Tech Entrepreneur of the Year award will be presented by James Madison University’s Center for Entrepreneurship and the JMU College of Business to the area’s most innovative entrepreneur.   BrilliantBlaze is excited to have our founder, Will Strickland, nominated for the award.

BrilliantBlaze is focused on transforming our community and the lives of our clients and team members.

BrilliantBlaze is at the heart of the convergence of four key economic and societal changes.

  • Cloud Transformation
  • Client Focused Solutions
  • Principled Leadership
  • Enterprise’s renewed focused on all stakeholders (B-Corp)

BrilliantBlaze is helping to building an innovative technical team in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley.   We are actively recruiting leaders to help grow the team.   We are especially focused on our Veteran’s initiative which focuses on engaging young veterans and incorporating them into our mission.

BrilliantBlaze has strategically partnered with Coda Global (   Will Strickland is a member of the founding team of Coda Global.    Coda is a global team of technical leaders focused on cloud transformation and has developed innovative tools around the building of hybrid clouds, the migration of enterprise applications to the cloud and the ability to leverage cloud based solution for core business operations

The coda team has developed several innovative, cloud transformation solutions.  One such solution, Cloud Seed, helps organizations create hybrid clouds.   The team is responsible for some of the largest and most successful cloud implementation in the commercial world.

Coda also helps clients stand up SAAS-based business operation solutions or ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions.  A smaller organization can now stand up ERP for thousands of dollars with Coda’s help.  The cost per user can be as little as $50 per month.  Five years ago, the same work could only be attempted by the largest enterprises in the world.   The ERP implementations would typically cost tens of millions of dollars.

Coda and BrilliantBlaze are also helping enterprises migrate their client server focused solutions to cloud based Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) and Platform as a Service (PAAS) solutions.

BrilliantBlaze and Coda Global are excited about the opportunity to build strong organizations in the Shenandoah valley and Virginia.   We are honored to be among the group of innovative organizations working together at the SVTC, especially those firms nominated for awards this year.

BrilliantBlaze and Coda have engaged in strategic initiatives with IBM, HubSpot, Adobe, Softlayer, US Government, University of Virginia, and the Commonwealth of Virginia among others.

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