BrilliantBlaze VET Initiative

BrilliantBlaze VET Initiative

BrilliantBlaze has committed to engaging directly with the veteran community to build the heart of our client engagement firm. We call this the Veteran Engagement (VET) Initiative.   BrilliantBlaze, along with key industry leaders such as IBM, Salesforce, Adobe and AT&T, will provide expert training, enablement and cross-training for disabled and honorably discharged veterans. BrilliantBlaze will also be teaming with the industry’s most innovative partner organizations such as IBM (, Oculus360 (, Coda Global ( and other innovators to provide engagement services to our clients and communities.

Technology is changing the world. The economy is being driven by innovation like never before. Cloud technology and data science are exploding the possibilities for new “game changing” solutions.

However, at the heart of all human activities, one element remains constant; the importance of “service” to others. Our veterans understand what it means to serve and how vital service is to our communities and our families. BrilliantBlaze and our partners are committed to service as a core principle. Together we will “Commit! Engage! and Transform!” our world and yours. Please join us in this mission.

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